• Orange Juice Diaries 2

    Day 13 continued... Thursday 31st May 2007 Welcome to page 2...No more room left on Page 1!
     I was really wanting some juice but I had not brought any with me, as I did not know we were going to the park afterwards. 
    Well The Universe Provides! I was unfamiliar with the area ,so knew of no fruit shops anywhere. But there in front of me, right straight across from the park was a cafe called ' Raw Energy' and I was able to enjoy a delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice! It was like my needs had been met without me even trying. I am feeling really good today, energetic , strong and really enjoying the Orange juice. I feel like I am flying with the juice today, body and soul enjoying the cosmic reaches of Planet Citrus. 

     Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout 1/2 hour dance. 
     Consumed today - 5 glasses of Orange juice and 2 cups of water. The water is not tasting so good to me at the moment, kind of bitter, even though I am drinking pure water. I drink water, at the moment because I feel like I do not want to consume more than 6 or 7 glasses of juice, as this feels like a good amount for me, but I also want to keep well hydrated. 

     Day 14 - Friday 1st June 2007. Weight 43.5kg. 
     Happy with weight loss being only 200g since yesterday. I am happy not to lose too much more weight. Woke after a lovely night's sleep. Feel well and energetic. Did morning workout with pleasure and ease. I went to the beach this afternoon. It was a beautiful day, sun, sun, sun, blue skies and waves. I really felt energised just walking along the beach and breathing the sea air. I remember something I read in one of Eileen Caddy's books, many years ago. It was about her time at Findhorn and she said that being by the sea and breathing the sea air made them need to eat less food. Breatharians in the making? I suppose it is all about getting energies and life force from other sources than food. I got a lovely surprise today, two beautiful presents from Fellow fruit lover, Julie, in The States. One was a lovely lavender sachet, the other a really nice copy of "The Golden Path to Rejuvination' by Morris Krok. I think it is a first edition, there is a really grand picture of him inside the book. He looks very youthful and dashing. So I seem to be getting access to some great reading matter whilst on this juice diet. 
     Thank you very much Julie for your kindness. 
     I feel more in elimination mode today and have a bit of a hunger. This hunger went off whilst I was breathing the fine sea air. Also tongue was a bit coated today. 
     Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout 45 minutes fast walking, carrying Cappi. 1/2 hour dance. Running on the beach. 
     Consumed today- 6 glasses of orange juice 2 1/2 cups of water. 

     Day 15 - Saturday 2nd June 2007. Weight today - 43.4kg. 
     Only 100g weight loss, it must have been all that sea air sustaining me. I am very happy that I am not loosing too much weight now. I weighed myself last night on my scales and my muscle weight was 37.8kg, which is about the same , only a little bit less than when I started on the juice, whereas my body fat was 9.5%, which is much less than it used to be. I am glad that I am loosing body fat and not muscle. 
     Woke up feeling well and bright. Had another excellent night's sleep. Very sound and untroubled. 
     Had a good day today, really enjoyed some really tasty juice. 
     Did a two hour body massage which flowed well. Cappi is sharing a lot of juice with me at the moment which is nice. 
     Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout. 1/2 hour dance. 
     Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice 1 1/2 cups of water.

     Day 16 - Sunday 3rd June 2007. Weight 43.3kg. 
    Again I have not lost much weight, only 100g. This is pleasing to me that I can maintain my weight, only loosing 100g per day whilst on the orange juice diet. Awoke feeling well and bright. I was up at 4.30am this morning. I read some of the Morris Krok book 'The Golden Path to Rejuvination'. I am really enjoying reading this work. Then Cappi woke up and we acted out the 'Wizard of Oz'. Cappi wanted to be the Tin Woodman. The first thing he said when he awoke was "Can we do the Show?" 
    So, He was the Tin Woodman with a shiny metal nose, a soft toy heart and a torch for his axe. I played the other parts. Then we shared some orange juice. 
     Really feeling good today. I walked home from town, carrying Cappi, up the hill very fast. My body felt like it was working well and full of energy. One women passed me by as I was going up the hill and she down and she said " You're too fit" which I took as a nice compliment. 
     The orange citrus That I have been juicing today has been really good. Someone sent me an e-mail recently and they said that some Australian citrus growers are picking their oranges a month early and then dyeing them orange. Scary stuff. 
     I keep seeing the word 'Orange'. In one day, the dictionary fell open at a page with the word 'Orange' on the top of the page. The advert on my e-mail page was for a phone company called 'Orange' and the featured fruit in the magazine I was reading was 'Oranges'. Citrus Synchronicity!
    Exercise today - 1/2 hour dance. 1 hour fast walking, carrying Cappi. 
     Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cup water. 

     Day 17 - Monday 4th June 2007. Weight today - 43.00kg. 
     A bit more of a weight loss today. I think this may be because the weather has turned a lot cooler and maybe I am needing more energy to maintain my body temperature. 
     Another great night's sleep. Woke at 4.45am, nice and refreshed and ready to go for the day. Had the teeniest, tiniest bowel movement this morning. Very deep orange in colour not offensive to me. The cooler weather is not affecting me as long as I keep active and exercise. Found my morning workout to be fun and easy. I am enjoying working my body a bit on this diet and feeling the energy flow well. Late morning I was feeling a bit like I was in elimination mode. 
    I then had a much bigger bowel movement than usual, on this diet. It was orange brown in colour, did not smell offensive to me but seemed quite dense and concentrated. I was suprised as I have been filtering my juice. It may be some waste or toxins coming out. After this elimination I felt immediately 'lighter' and felt more energised. 
     I really feel like a long and fast walk right now, so I shall head off and catch up with my Dear Diary later. 
     Later... Really enjoyed a fast walk. I do feel more in elimination mode today. My tongue is more coated. I have a lot of energy and feel well however. 
     I have ordered some eco-organic citrus, grown in special ways with rock dust and lots of other nice minerals and volcanic bits added to the soil by the growers. The company is just down the road from me. So I am very excited at the thought of a super dooper vital box of oranges arriving on Thursday! 
     Exercise today- - 1/2 hour workout. 1 hour fast walking. 1/2 hour dance. 
     Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cups of water. 

     Day 18 - Tuesday 5th. June 2007. Weight 42.8kg. I Woke feeling good and rested. Had a deep and fulfilling sleep. Orange juice definitely feels like my 'food' now. I am enjoying reading Morris Krok, 'The Golden Path to Rejuvination. I have another Morris Krok book to read ,when I have finished 'The Golden Path'. It is called 'Formula for a Long Life'. 
     I also would like to re-read Arnold Ehret's work "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" whilst I am still on the Orange Juice. 
    The oranges I am juicing at the moment seem to be of great quality, really sweet and syrupy. I feel like I am more in elimination mode at the moment. I have coating on my tongue and a feeling of 'tackiness' on the teeth. My body fat is quite low, I may be now digging more into the stored toxins and any coating along my alimentary canal. 
     I still have lots of energy, feel well and happy, but there is definitely some elimination going on. I am the lowest weight I have been since the end of my orange juice diet in 1995. I was down to around 40kg then, that was after 52 days, here I am on day 18 and my weight this morning was 42.8kg. I am also breastfeeding this time around , which may make me loose weight faster. There is still a good milk supply. 
     Exercise -today- 1/2 hour workout 1/2 hour walk, carrying Cappi ( 10kg extra weight). 1/2 hour dance. 
     Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice. 

     Day 19 - Wednesday 6th June 2007. Weight 42.8kg. 
     My weight is the same as yesterday, this is the first day, since starting, that I have not lost any weight. I am pleased that my weight is stabilising. Although I am loosing body fat. 
    My body fat was only 5% this morning, however my muscle mass has stayed pretty constant. I quite like my new body shape. I have lost about two inches off my waist, two inches off my chest and two inches off my thighs. I can see my muscle definition better and my thighs are definitely more toned and defined. 
    Woke refreshed at about 4.30 am. Cappi woke and wanted some milk and then a smoothie so I got up fixed him his fruity breakfast , we shared some divine orange juice. Then I did half an hour workout. 
     My tongue is much less coated this morning, teeth not 'tacky'. I do not feel in elimination mode. I have been reading Morris Krok's words. He believes that elimination goes in cycles when you are fasting. I have felt, from the beginning, on this diet that this is how I have been, the elimination has been very cyclic. Sometimes I feel in elimination mode whilst other times I do not at all. It has rained heavily throughout the night, which has washed everything clean and fresh. The rains have rained all day so it has been a bit of an at home day today. We have played and juiced and cuddled the cat and looked at the rain that has not stopped once all day and Cappi has danced in the rain and we have had a nice day. 
     Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout 1/2 hour D.I.S.C.O. 
     Consumed today - 7 glasses of juice 1 cup of water. 

     Day 20 - Thursday 7th June 2007. Weight today 42.6kg. 
    I have lost a little more weight. This morning I awoke and felt well and rested. My sleep was a bit disturbed because it has been raining heavily constantly and I kept waking hearing the rain upon the roof. It will be nice to see the sun again, hopefully it may come out tomorrow. It is very rare , in this part of the world, to go with out seeing the sun for two days. 
    My Rock Dust Space Oranges should fly in today, so I am very excited about that! Later... the oranges have landed. Late Valencias and also Navels. Both varieties were truly excellent! I felt immediately revitalised and vital after having a glass of their juice. The juice seems, to me, to be much less acidic, than that from commercial oranges. 
    I will definitely be making another order. The growers use up to 200 times more trace elements , in their soils, than usual farming methods. 
     Exercise today - 1/2 hour fast walk , carrying Cappi. 1/2 hour Dance. 
     Consumed today 7 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cup of water. 

     Day 21 - Friday 8th June 2007. Three weeks on Juice! Weight 42.4kg. 
     Awoke feeling good and refreshed. The first thing Cappi said, after he woke up, around 5.15am , was "Juice!" So we were up early juicing some of the lovely new oranges. What a fine breakfast fit for a Queen!
     I had a bowel movement later this morning. It was a lot 'looser' than previous ones and also lighter in colour. It did not have a strong odour to me. I felt really energetic today, and enjoyed lots of physical exercise. My body feels like it is flowing, muscles working well, everything easy and smooth. I went for a walk today, out into the rural fruit growing areas, I was thinking I may come across some wayside stalls selling oranges. Well I did not have time to get to where most of the fruit farms are as I wanted to head back ,before it got dark. I was thinking about oranges and how there were some lovely juicy ones waiting for me to juice, back at home; when I looked to my right and there was a woman, in her back garden with a bucketful of big oranges she had just picked. It was a great sight to see someone reaping the rewards of their fruit-growing. 
     Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout 2 hours 20 minutes fast walking. 
     Consumed today - 6 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cup of water.

     Day 22 - Saturday 9th June 2007. Weight today - 42.2kg. 
     It seems to be a loss of around 200g per day at the moment. Woke up feeling lively and well at 5.45am. Bowel movement this morning upon rising. It was again less concentrated. This reminds me of when being on a melon mono-diet, at first my bowel movements are very dense and concentrated. Then after a few days, they always get 'lighter' and less concentrated. It is as if at first there is something more 'dense' to clear out. 
     I had a client for a two hour body massage, I enjoyed giving the massage, had good energy flow for it. I really enjoyed my juice when I had finished as I leave a long gap before consuming juice and treating a client, so my body was ready for some sweet navel orange juice. 
     The weather is still cool and I am enjoying exercising in the cooler temperatures. 
     Exercise today - 1/2 hour fast walk, carrying Cappi. 1/2 hour dance.
     Consumed today - 6 glasses of orange juice. 

     Day 23 - Sunday 10th June 2007. Weight 41.9k. 
     Awoke feeling good dispite a rather broken night's sleep. Cappi was up twice to feed, Camlo was up once to use the bathroom, then the cat was up once to vomit! I know if I was on a 'standard' diet i would find it hard to cope with many breaks in my sleep. However, I think, being on a fruit diet gives one energy to cope with such things. 
    I had a bowel movement upon arising. It was similar in form to the previous one, but with a stronger odour. I feel I was eliminating something in this motion. Have not yet had any juice or water and feel fine and not de-hydrated. I am looking forward to a breakfast of organic navel juice. 
     Well it has been an absolutely glorious day here. Winter has gone away again and it feels like Summer. I have really enjoyed playing, lying , reading and relaxing in the sun today. So Cappi and I put all the oranges, and there are quite a few , out in the sunshine and sat in the garden and juiced our breakfast. Cappi has been having lots of juice since I started on this diet, as he loves to share juice with me. It is that time again..time for a new page. Please go to page 3 to continue The Orange Juice Diaries 3 Thank you