The Orange Juice Diaries 3

Day 23 - Sunday 10th June 2007. Continued. 
 I am really noticing the difference between organic and non-organic commercially grown oranges, in terms of sweetness and acidity. With the former being both sweeter and less acidic. I think the mineral content in properly tree-ripened oranges will be different , as well as the fact that they come from local growers who are leaving them on the trees for an appropriate amount of time. 
 I had a really great day in the sun, Cappi too, it was nice to get the rays on our bodies. Then later in the late afternoon, when the sun was gone for another night, I got a real sense of HUNGER, very strong, like nothing I have yet experienced whilst on this diet. I was seriously thinking, that I would eat some other fruit. Then I decided to wait a few hours and if I still really felt the need for something other than orange juice I would partake. However after a cup of very delicious, locally grown ,organic orange juice I felt very satisfied and all other desire for fruit went away. I had lots of energy in the evening and was not at all hungry. 
I think being in the sun all day may have caused a deeper level of elimination and brought with it a feeling to stop the elimination. 
 Exercise today - 3/4 hour dance. 
 Consumed today - 7 glasses of sweet orange juice. 
I have no desire for water when the temperatures are lower. I have no clear stance on supplementing my juice regime with water.I just listen to my body. If my body feels like it , I drink water, if it does not ,then I do not. 

 Day 24 - Monday 11th of June 2007. Weight 42.00kg. 
 For the first time since starting I have gained some weight. It must be all that super quality organic juice. I do believe that if the diet were to continue long term, I would eventually regain any of the lost weight, that I needed to regain. 
I do not plan to carry on the diet for as long as this , however. I believe that when the body has totally cleared out all the toxins and obstructions, then it would naturally rebuild itself on very clean foundations. Last time I was on a juice regime I stopped at 52 days, due to perceived pressure from friends and family. I still had not started to regain weight but my health and strength were both excellent. I have no doubts that in my body's own time, I would have rebuilt weight. I awoke this morning feeling really good. No desire for any other fruit. Even when preparing a very nice looking Fuerte avocado, for Cappi, for his breakfast, I did not want any. I am not even ready for juice yet. 
 Another beautiful day of sunshine and bluest skies. When I put the oranges outside today ,in the Sunshine to 'juice them up' I was reminded that my mother used to put her oranges in the sun before she ate them, to get their juices going. It was nice to have a memory of my mother, she is the sweetest person that I have ever shared my life with. She died four and a half years ago and I hope that where ever she is she has nice sunshine and sweet, sweet oranges. 
 So a pleasant and sunny orange day today. 
 Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout 1 hour walk up and down hills, carrying Cappi 1/2 hour dance. 
 Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cup of water. 

 Day 25 - Tuesday 12th June 2007. Weight today - 41.9kg. 
 So the weight is kind of stable at the moment, which is pleasing to me. 
 Awoke refreshed and happy. Got Cappi his breakfast, a Chocolate Sapote and fresh orange juice ice lolly, that we had made the night before. Then I did my exercises. Felt warm ,even though the temperatures are quite low. 
Had a bowel movement, a bit more dense, than the previous two, also a stronger odour. 
 Felt good and 'light' after the bowel motion, it may have had some toxins in. 
 Looking forward to the first lot of juice for today. I am finding that I am much more sensitive to chemicals, whilst on this diet. Last time I long term juice fasted I was camping on an island with no cars, factories, planes or noticeable air pollution. Also with sea air all around. This was just the environment conducive to juice fasting. This time I am at home and while I do not use any chemicals in the home, my teenage son, has a thing at the moment for chemical air 'fresheners' and 'deodorants'. Both of these give me intense itching in my eyes and throat. I try to avoid his room as much as possible but the computer is next door and I feel affected as I sit and type. 
I feel best at, the moment, staying outside in the sun and fresh air and especially being in the countryside or on the beach. 
 This morning I fitted into a skirt that my mother made for me when I was nine years old. I guess it's kind of Retro now. Beautiful quality cotton, from the 60s or 70s, hard to find that quality now. 
 Something that I have noticed, since being on the orange juice, is that my reflexes are working faster. I guess that my whole nervous system is functioning well. 
 Cappi and I went to the beach today. It was a lovely sunny day and the sea air was like a balm to my lungs. Cappi is the happiest little soul when he is playing in the sand. 
 Exercise today - 1/2 hour workout I hour fast walking, carrying Cappi 1/2 hour dance. 
 Consumed today - 6 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cup of water. 

 Day 26 - Wednesday 13th June 2007. 
 I awoke today refreshed and happy, with just a few little butterflies fluttering about inside my tummy. Today is the last day of the juice diet and I feel a wee bit 'fluttery' inside. 
 Dear Orange Juice Diary, well today is the last day solely on the 'Amber Nectar of the Gods'. It has been a great experience, I have felt well and nourished, able to do my day- to -day tasks, exercise and care for Cappi all whilst doing some elimination and house cleaning. Part of me feels like I could carry on for a lot longer, especially as the oranges are soooo good at the moment. 
However, my weight loss brings challenges when interacting in the big world out there. I have lost a big percentage of my body weight and to people who do not know where I am at, I suppose I look like I may have an eating disorder. I would really like to take the juice fasting to its limit. I know that I am still eliminating and could go much further, however I would like to do this in a more remote setting where I could be only with people who were understanding what I was doing. 
There is also the issue of breastfeeding. I am still producing plenty of milk for Cappi but would like to do my next juice fast when he is weaned. I have really enjoyed writing my thoughts down as I have progressed along the juice path. 
 I had one bowel movement today, light and not offensive. 
 I have had a bit of a quiet introspective day today. I spent the morning in the sunshine, with Cappi. We shared some fine juice and played with Lego and a neighbour came by and brought two paddling pools for Cappi. So then Cappi had great fun splashing about. 
In the afternoon I had a client. My last Orange Juice Massage. 
I feel very much that my energies have been flowing whilst giving massage, during the juice diet. I have one last organic orange left. it is sitting beside me on the desk. It is a huge Big Daddy Navel Orange. With a navel about one and a half inches in diameter! He will be part of my last supper tonight.

 Thank you to all of those who have read this diary and supported the idea of juice fasting. 
 Have a great day, Love and Peace, from Anne XXX. 
 Exercise today - 1/2 hour of dance. 
 Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice 1/2 cup of water. 

 Thursday 14th June 2007. Weight this morning was 41.6kg, the same as yesterday. 
 This morning I broke the juice fast on a beautifully ripe Nightingale persimmon. It tasted divine, so caramelly and sweet and delicious. This was very special for me. When I broke my juice fast in 1995, the fruit I broke it on, mango and greengages tasted like ashes in my mouth. This time it was much more joyous. 
Cappi also shared some 'jelly' persimmon with me. I just wish that this nightingale was not the last one of the season, oh well that made it super special! 
 Love, Peace and the Best Quality Fruit to You All, Much Love from Anne XXX. 
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