• The Orange Juice Diaries


    I am feeling like refining my diet and doing a little housecleaning in the bodydwelling where I abide.

    I am thinking about... orange juice, as the citrus season is underway.

    I also saw a sign, whilst I was thinking about going for another spell on magic oranges!
    It was a large model orange in someone's front garden. I went right past it when I was in mono-orange mode.

    Saturday 19th May 2007.

    The house is full of lovely fruits; custard apples, persimmon, avocados and bananas. But a fruit eater's house is always full of lovely fruit and if the fruit does not get eaten then I can give it to the neighbours.

    So a start on orange juice.

    Day 1.

    My weight is 47.9kg.
    My tongue and teeth feel a bit coated and gunky, by the end of the day. I am in elimination mode.
    My energy levels are high.
    Exercise- Walked, carrying my three year old for one hour.
    1/2 hour workout.
    I also did a 2hr body massage, which uses alot of energy.

    I consumed today; 5 glasses of orange juice and 1 cup of water.

    Day 2 . Sunday 20th May 2007.

    weight 47.3kg.

    Still in elimination mode.
    Mouth and teeth feel gunky, tongue coated.

    Energy levels are high.
    Exercise- 1/2 hour workout
    20 minutes walking, carrying Cappi (my little one).
    1/2 hour of dance.
    When cutting up avocados and other fruit for Cappi, I am not tempted to eat them.
    P.M. I feel a bit of a 'hungry' sensation, around 3-4pm.
    I wonder if it is because I am breastfeeding.
    Cappi says there is plenty of milk!
    Evening- the hunger is gone.
    Lots of energy. My elimination time, in the day, tends to be late morning and early to mid afternoon. Early mornings and evenings I feel very good.

    Consumed 5 glasses of orange juice today and 1 cup of water.

    Day 3. Monday 21st May 2007.

    -weight 46.4 kg

    Woke up feeling good, energetic, not hungry.
    Less tacky in mouth, tongue still coated, but less than before, with a white colour.
    I feel strong.
    Exercise- 1/2 hour workout
    1 hour of dance.
    I am seeing the colour red, as very luminous, especially with regard to flowers. This happened last time I was on orange juice. I was looking at the Pointsiettas, in the back garden, they seemed to jump out at me with their scarlet gowns.
    Consumed 6 glasses of orange juice today and 1 cup of water.

    Day 4 . Tuesday 22nd May 2007.

    - weight 45.4kg

    Woke up feeling great. Again not hungry.
    Did my morning workout with ease. It seems less effort to do my exercises, especially using weights and also when I am doing lunges and squats.

    I have an interesting feeling in my stomach, like a kind of 'pulling in' sensation. Something is going to work in my intestines.
    Much less coating on tongue and teeth this morning.
    I had a bowel movement, there was some fruit left in me from Friday(the last day of eating mixed fruit).
    I am enjoying not having to concern myself with what I am going to eat. A mono diet, for me, seems to free up both physical and mental time. I like the plainess of being on one fruit.

    My life is simplified!

    Orange juice seems like my food now.
    The house is still of beautiful other fruit. I have given some avocado and custard apple to the neighbours. But nothing is really tempting me. The avocados look really nice, they are fuerte, my favourite variety. However they appear so concentrated next to orange juice; and this aspect of them does not appeal to me at all.

    I notice when on orange juice that my colour vision really improves. This I find interesting as according to nutritional analysis, orange juice has much less Beta -carotene( great for eyesight) than many other fruits. Whilst orange melons have heaps of Beta-carotene, I have not noticed, however, my vision improving so much, whilst on a melon mono diet!
    My limbs and joints feel very loose and free-flowing today, like there are less obstructions in myself.

    Something I read today:
    "It takes about 150, 000 litres of water to grow and prepare a typical dinner for eight people."

    Thank goodness fruitarians are not typical.

    Exercise. 1/2 hour workout
    1 hour fast walk.
    Consumed 7 glasses of Orange juice and 1 cup of water.

    Day 5. Wednesday 23rd May.

    - weight 45.3kg.

    Woke up feeling great, much less coating on tongue and teeth.
    Feel full of energy!

    Feel really, really grand today, so much energy and feel very happy. I think oranges make one very jolly. I remember last time I did my orange juice period , I would find myself singing alot.

    Exercise- 1/2 hour workout
    I hour walking, carrying Cappi.
    3/4 hour walk.

    PM- feelings of elimination, 'empty ' feelings in stomach and tongue feels more coated. This definitely seems to be the part of the day when I feel like I am eliminating, mornings and evenings feel much different.

    Consumed today- 7 glasses of orange juice and 1 cup of water.

    Day 6 Thursday 24th. May 2007.

    Weight. 45.00kg

    Woke up this morning feeling less energetic than on the previous five mornings. Did not do my usual early morning workout, as I did not feel like it. So I am going with my body and listening to what it is asking of me.

    There is less coating on my tongue, this morning and my teeth do not feel gacky.Even so I feel in elimination mode. Have no hunger. Have not had juice in the first few hours, after I have woken, just a sip of water. I do not feel a need to have any juice yet and again will listen to my body. I am really enjoying reading several books on juice fasting at the moment.

    This is a very different day for me, so far, I want to be quiet and gentle and feel no desire to exercise. I care for a three year old, so I am not inactive, just feeling a bit introspective and wanting to be quiet inside today. Yesterday I felt very extrovert, for me at least and enjoyed leading a craft session at playgroup and chattering away with the other parents.

    Had a small bowel movement this morning, very orange colour, inoffensive and little.

    Exercise- 1/2 hour walk.

    Consumed- 7 glasses of orange juice 1 cup of water.

    Day 7 Friday 25th May 2007 - weight 44.9kg.

    Not loosing so much weight now. I think the weight is stabilising.
    Yesterday late afternoon, I got lots of coating on my tongue, I had been feeling a little bit different yesterday and I guess I was eliminating.
    This morning, less coating on tongue. I also felt much more energetic than yesterday. Enjoying my morning workout, as usual.
    I had very vivid dreams, last night. I was on some kind of Hollywood adventure. I was in movie land. After a really long quest to save the world, involving going in a lift to the middle of the world, I awoke , feeling very refreshed. One thing that stood out in the dream was the words I kept seeing in the dream 'Oranges are different from other fruit.'

    PM. I am feeling very full of energy today, I went on a long walk and my limbs were just flowing and all my body felt like it was working fluidly and well. I am conscious that maybe I apper a little on the thin side to many folk, but I feel strong and happy and very well.
    The 'flu monster is doing his rounds, in this neck of the woods, but I have no fear of 'catching' anything. When I am on a mono-diet I get a kind of invincible feeling , regarding so-called diseases.
    I feel that my state of health would not allow anything to affect me at a serious level.
    I am enjoying reading Paavo O. Airola's book about juice fasting and I found one of Hilton Hotema's works , today, at a second-hand bookshop. It is good, i find, to have inspiring words to read when one is on a juice regime.

    Exercise- 1/2 hour workout.
    1 hour fast walk.

    Consumed today - 7 glasses of orange juice. 1 cup of water.

    Day 8 Saturday 26th May 2007. Weight 44.7kg.

    Woke up feeling good but a little tired, late night party going on down the road.
    Less coating on tongue. Feeling energetic, still loosing weight.
    I felt less like exercising today. I enjoyed spending time in the sunshine. I also did a two hour aromatherapy massage, which I enjoyed giving.

    Exercise- 20 minute walk.
    Consumed 5 glasses of juice and 2 cups of water.

    Day 9 Sunday 27th May 2007. Weight 44.5kg.

    Woke up early this morning feeling very refreshed after a good quality sleep. No neighbourhood parties last night!
    Feel like I am refreshed on less sleep.
    Less coating on tongue this morning. It would be my ideal to do this juice fast until my tongue is as fresh and pink as a baby's.

    Really enjoying sunbathing today. I often prefer the sun to bathe my skin than water. It feels so clean and cleansed after the sun's rays have been on my body.
    Enjoyed doing my morning workout, but also feel in a quiet, introspective mood today.
    One small bowel movement this morning, very orange in colour, inoffensive smell.
    My tongue and it's coating seem to have patterns throughout the day. One minute it can be quite clear, then I feel like I am more in elimination mode and it gets more coated. There seem, to me, to be definate elimination periods and then periods of high energy throughout the day.

    Something that I am really noticing is the colour red, in Nature. As I mentioned before the flowers in the garden were kind of radiating out at me. I have just looked out at the back garden and a lone, last of the crop tomato just jumped out at me from among all the verdant greens.
    What I am noticing however that it is really reds, in Nature, rather than any man-made red objects that are really standing out to my eyes.
    How to have a bit of a psychedelic time without the drugs.

    Exercise today- 1/2 hour workout
    20 minute walk
    1/2 hour dancing.

    Consumed today- 5 glasses of orange juice, 2 cups of water.

    Day 10 - Monday 28th May 2007. Weight 44.1kg.

    Woke up feeling good and energetic. I have got some elimination going on. I have got some clear mucous coming out of my nose. My tongue is pretty clear this morning and teeth feel pretty clean also.
    Yesterday I weighed myself on these scales I have that measure body fat, muscle weight and bone mass as well as weight. It was interesting to see that my body fat percentage was lower than normal. It was 10.2% body fat, whereas normally it is between 15%- 18%.
    However my muscle mass was about the same.(38kg) It was good that I am loosing body fat but not muscle.

    I did a one hour reflexology treatment on a client today. The session went very well. I felt 'light' and free-flowing. I have heard that some therapists eat very lightly or fast before treating a client as this makes the energy flow good. I normally do not eat for several hours before a treatment for similar resons.

    Exercise today- 1/2 hour workout
    1/2 hour dance.

    Consumed today- 5 glasses of orange juice 2 1/2 cups of water.


    Day 11. Tuesday 29th May 2007. Weight 44.00kg.

    Woke up this morning feeling good after a bit of elimination last night. Late last night my nose was running and I felt a bit like I had a 'cold'.
    This morning got up early at 4.30 pm,
    played with Cappi for a while , did lots of vigorous cleaning in the house, then walked into town, half an hour fast walk, carrying Cappi and I have not had any juice yet or felt like any. So I guess my energy levels are high today.
    I have a strange itchy sensation on my right forehead, which I think is something coming out, maybe pesticides?. The skin is red and a bit scaley, whereas the rest of my skin has been good since starting on the juice.
    I really enjoyed the walk into town this morning. My body felt really free and loose and I felt light and happy.

    Have had a jolly day today. I did not have any juice until about 11.30am. I had a very active morning but felt no need for juice early on, but wow did I enjoy my first glass of juice. It is truly nectar of the gods.
    There is alot of other nice fruit in our house at the moment. Cappi is enjoying jammy persimmon, creamy avocado, custardy cheramoya and fragrant passionfruit. This fruit appeals to me on one level, as I know it is all great quality fruit, but when I tasted my first juice of the day I could not imagine anything nicer.

    Exercise today- 1/2 hour fast walk , carrying Cappi.
    A frenzied bout of house cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing and shining.
    1/2 hour dancing.

    Consumed today - four glasses of orange juice and 2 1/2 cups of water.

    Where I feel I am eliminating, on my forehead,I have been exposing to the sun. It feels really good to have the rays on my skin. I feel like something is being drawn out through the pores. It is much less now, almost gone after sitting outside in the healing sun, reading about Good Old Breatharian Barbara Moore. She sounds like an amazing person. She was 50 in 1951 and reckoned she was going to live for 150 years so maybe she is still around somewhere?

    Day 12 - Wednesday 30th May 2007.

    Weight 43.8kg.

    Woke up this morning and I felt very good, not hungry or thirsty.
    I seem to be sleeping very well and soundly. One reason for this is that maybe my digestive system is at rest so I ,in turn, rest better.

    One bowel movement this morning, the first for a while. It was very dark orange, condensed, a stronger odour than previously, but not offensive to me.

    Cappi and I had a nice morning at playgroup. One of the other mums commented that I had lost weight. She was interested and open, when I told her about my juice diet. She said she maybe would like to try a juice diet.
    It is always nice and positive when someone listens and is open to where you are , even if they are on a different path themselves.
    We had some lovely hot sunshine and I really enjoyed bathing in the rays for an hour this afternoon.
    Then I had a client for a body massage later in the afternoon. The massaged flowed well and the energy I felt when doing the massage felt good and healing.

    Exercise today- 40 minute fast walk, carrying Cappi.
    1/2 hour dancing.

    Consumed today- 6 glasses of orange juice 2 1/2 cups of water.

    Day 13 - Thursday 31st May 2007.

    Weight 43.7kg.
    So my weight seems to be stabilising, which I am pleased about. Although I am not consuming any more juice ,the weight loss seems to be slowing right down.
    Very small bowel motion this morning, deep orange, not offensive to me.
    Woke up full of energy, but again without hunger or thirst. Did my morning workout as soon as I had fed Cappi and the cat. My energy was flowing, the workout was not hard work but enjoyable, which is how , I believe, exercise ought to be.
    This morning, Cappi and I went on a playgroup outing to a live 'Playschool' show, afterwards all the mums arranged to meet at a park, near Coolum Beach for a picnic. I had fruit for Cappi but no juice for myself

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