Orange Juice Fests


Over the past 12 years I have carried out three major Orange Juice mono-diets. For periods of 52 days in 1995, 26 days in May 2007 The Orange Juice Diaries , and currently 33 days, ongoing , for Lent in February-March 2008. I had the most fantastic time, I completed 40 days, for Lent 2008, on beautiful Organic and Biodynamic Orange Juice. I felt blessed to have been able to experience this blissful 40 days. Each time I have been on Orange Juice, I have felt incredible wellness, healing and cleansing. 
 One wonderful aspect of Juice Cleansing is that for many it may not be as rigorous as a water fast. Therefore those who have responsibilities, such as childcare or paid work, and for whom water fasting would be too much of a challenge; may find that an Orange Juice Fest is just what the Hygienist ordered. I really feel that there is huge scope to heal our society using the 'Orange Juice Cure'. In the last century Dr. Leon A. Wilcox, a doctor and a chiropractor, healed many patients using an exclusive Orange Juice Cure. Examples of Dr. Wilcox's work and of his enthusiasm for Oranges "The King of Fruits", can be found in Hilton Hotema's works: 'Long Life in Florida' and 'Man's Higher Consciousness'. 
 I really feel that for this diet and cure to be fully successful and to treat at an optimum level, then fully tree-ripened Organic or Biodynamic Oranges need to be used. For my present juice fest, I am only using Organic or Biodynamic Oranges. I feel noticeably better than on my previous juice fest, when I used a mixture of Organic and Non-organic fruit. I also seem to need to consume less juice. Oranges can be heavily sprayed, picked under ripe, dyed, waxed and chemically treated. Organic and Biodynamic Oranges do not have any chemical processing and are much more likely to be grown with care and love; rather than purely for profit, and picked fully tree-ripened. Biodynamic and Organic Oranges are not only good for you but good for the whole of the planet. 

This juicefest is a wholistic event; it has grand effects on so much of the planet. By cleansing yourself you will have a positive effect on all those around you and knowing that buying Organic Oranges encourages tree-planting without chemicals is a wonderful thing. More Organic fruit eating means: More trees and so more oxygen for everyone, more shelter for animals and better soil structure. Choosing Organic fruit also means less packaging, so less waste, it also means supporting those farmers and growers who really care about a healthy and wholesome planet. I really cannot see one disadvantage for the World's health that is created by eating Organic Fruit. Biodynamic fruit has the further advantage of lunar gardening and special soil enrichment. And what is great is that most of us have access to these wonders; just walk down to your local Organic store or Organic supplier. The Organic Movement is growing, because it is rational and logical and the only way that our planet will be truly healthy!

 I feel just so great on my Organic Orange juice. It makes me want to promote this cleansing and strength-giving diet. Some of the advantages that I have experienced on this juice fest: 
 Better colour vision, especially reds and greens. 
 Improved flexibility of muscles and increased range of movement for joints. 
 Deep and peaceful sleep. 
 Great and adventurous dreams. 
 The need for less sleep. 
 The desire to sing a lot! 
 Strength and endurance. 

 The Orange Juice diet is one that is potentially available to all. Organic Oranges are widely available for most of the year. They can be reasonably priced and as you may need to use less of them than conventional Oranges (due to their superior vitality), then they may not really cost any more. Oranges tend to keep and to travel well, so all parts of the globe tend to get access to these wonderful fruits. Also Oranges can be juiced with an inexpensive hand Orange juicer. So anybody can juice anywhere! I think that this 'Golden Elixir' has more power and potential for human well-being and development than almost any other dietary regime. It is time to get Excited!!! It is available to all, hopefully affordable to all and you do not need any expensive juicers or machines to embark on the Orange Juice Diet.

Me 28 days on Orange Juice March 2008.

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