The Wonders of Fruit


Fruit is one of the most powerful foodstuffs on the planet. If grown in good fertile soil it can provide us with our dietary needs. A fruit diet provides energy, vitamins and minerals as well as an undefinable life force. I have thrived on a fruit diet for the past 12 years. I have never felt so well or had so much energy. I have also raised an 11 year old child on a fruit diet. My son Camlo has had excellent health. He was never ill as a baby, maintained a good weight and despite not being inoculated never succumbed to any viral illnesses. The fruit diet may not be the optimal diet for everyone but I have great faith that good quality fruit can sustain us and allow us to thrive. I believe that fruit has the power within its beautiful walls to help us cleanse and purify the human body.

 The body is the real healer it knows what to do if given the appropriate conditions. Fruit can aid this process, fruits can help dissolve stored toxins and wastes in the cells. These deposits prevent the body from functioning at its optimum ability. Fruits are also such powerful and wonderful foodstuffs that they can give us the energy and nutrients to build up our bodies once they are cleansed. A body built out of fruit life-forces resonates with beautiful energies. 
 The physical body works well and it is a joy to engage in exercise. There is an abundance of energy. On a fruit diet very little energy is needed for digestion as fruit passes easily and swiftly through the alimentary canal. This leaves so much more energy for all the really fun things in life. A cleansed body can also create a beautiful and balanced mental and emotional state. Fruit if eaten appropriately will help to maintain this harmonious environment. It will furnish the brain with nutrients and oxygen. To feel a real flow of energy; to feel a lack of blockages, to have a body that really works well is a joy. Life is Sacred, divine and blessed. 
 The mental state rejoices and the spirit soars. We can have the most perfect and happy life whatever we eat but a energy giving diet can only enhance the happiness we feel within. We may notice bodily and mental changes once our diet changes; colours may appear brighter, smells may be more intense, and the sweet sounds of Nature may bring untold joy. 
Experiencing Nature in the raw can bring so much pleasure into our lives; a bird's song, a kitten's embrace the smell of a rose are all real jewels to be treasured forever . Fruit is a wonder because it is perfectly ready for us to enjoy; beautifully packaged, sweet smelling and good for us because the trees really want us to spread their seeds. If fruit was not so good for the Human Race then the fruit trees would not have their treasures eaten and the seeds would be going nowhere. So the fruit trees invest an enormous amount of their life force to produce delicious and nutritious fruits for us; after all the fitter we are the further we can carry the seeds!

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