The Simplicity of Mono-meal Living


One of the major joys and benefits, for myself, of a fruit diet is the simplicity. One eats a beautiful, sweet, juicy peach or a creamy, satisfying banana or an buzzy, enzyme powerhouse of a kiwi fruit and that is perfection and satisfaction in itself. If it is not then the fruit probably is not up to scratch.

 Today there seems to be a 'raw food' equivalent of every cooked food; pizza, cauliflower cheese, pasta, pies, cheesecake and even the latest rave- chocolate. One thing that the raw movement is fond of stating is that no animal in nature cooks its food. Well no animal puts together a vast number of raw foodstuffs either. I have seen raw recipes with over 15 ingredients in them but never a deer with a mixing bowl in its hoof. 

 How appetising is a bowl of raw cauliflower? It doesn't really appeal to us in the same way as ripe fruit. But stick a host of ground, mixed up raw foods, things that have been dehydrated then re-hydrated, and suddenly one has raw cauliflower cheese. 
 I really doubt that this food is the optimum way to go for health. Would a mixture of raw food that contains seeds, nuts, veggies and so called 'super foods' be any healthier than a plate of steamed veggies? 
 I am not recommending cooking food but these mixtures do not seem super healthy to me. Arnold Ehret, an author I greatly respect, said that to him the idea of raw pies 'was absurd'. 
A lot of the food in these raw recipes contain ingredients that are not so tasty on their own but when mixed with a lot of other foods taste acceptable. 

 I really believe that every time we mix foods together we a doing a disservice to our taste buds and the individual foodstuffs. A truly sensational piece of ripe fruit can never be improved upon, we simply cannot improve upon mother nature. I think something is taken away from each food when it is mixed. All other animals in nature do not mix their foods. 
I have tried so-called 'gourmet' raw foods. I went to a raw food retreat for a day. To start with the meal took about two hours to prepare, then the clearing away and washing up took even longer. The food tasted to me just like cooked food. I believe that this type of raw food is much healthier than the food that a lot of people eat but I believe that it is also selling a lot of people short. 
 How much of the natural vitality of this food survives the mixing, the chopping, the dehydrating, the re-hydrating? 
Vitamins, especially in vegetables, are very sensitive to any processing including chopping and drying. 

 Of course the enzyme quality of a raw mix will be higher than in a cooked meal but less than in a piece of quality ripe fruit. If the Raw Food movement uses the argument that we are raw because it is nature's way, then how can they mix so much when no animal, living by natural means, mixes their food. They cannot have it both ways. Why settle for less than perfect health, why get stuck upon all those addictive raw food dishes that remind you of what you used to eat? 
They may be healthier, but then a peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal is probably healthier than a bacon sandwich on white bread. Reach for the stars, be as healthy as you can. 
Try mono-meals. If you like raw cauliflower and it works for you eat it alone and then wait an appropriate length of time before eating something else. See how you feel with minimal mixing, your digestive system will have a holiday. 

 If you feel good on raw mixes I really believe you will feel fantastic on mono meals. These raw food mixtures may be classified as 'raw' but they are also processed. If we need to process food in order to enjoy it then are we really eating the right foods in the first place? If we want to dance on the table because we can now eat raw chocolate could it be that we have never tasted a piece of really, really good ripe fruit?
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