Rational Fruitarianism

I have been on a fruit diet for the past fifteen years. I believe that this diet has brought me joy and wellness in every aspect of my life: the Physical, Spiritual and the Mental. 
 However, I believe that this diet is not some complex, Mystical Way of Life but it is simple and logical and full of truth; available for everyone at any time. 
 That is why I feel it is a very Rational Diet. This is very important to me. Any diet should be accessible to all with a pureness and simplicity that rings true in its sweet clarity. Not shrouded in mystery, not a diet for only gurus. This is why I love the fruit diet. I believe it is the Rational Diet for Humankind. Fruit is a food that at once cleanses, but it also strengthens.
 Fruit also contains all the nutrients and goodness that humans need to thrive and lead happy and healthy lives. One of the most important factors, for me, regarding the fruit diet is that it is simple. There is no calorie counting, no food charts are needed,all that is required is just good quality fruit. There is no need for cookers, or mixers, or blenders, or pots and pans. 

We can even get away with using our fingers to eat, if this is what we prefer! It makes sense to me that our ideal food source is one that needs no heat treatment or other preparation, in any way. Fruit is a food we can pick straight from the tree. Our hands are perfectly designed to pluck fruit straight from a tree. Our vision is fabulously full of colours, so we may spot the fruit, nestling in its foliage, as we forage for our fruity bounty. If you have ever watched a child eat a bunch of grapes, with such dexterity of her tiny fingers, then you will see how natural, how beautiful this sight is. It looks just so right, just like the way we are meant to eat. 

 How complex is the act of cooking, mixing and preparing food. How simple and true is eating a ripe Mango or a perfect Peach! The only diet, that I can think of which is rational, both in terms of our health and in terms of sweet simplicity is the fruit diet. No other animal , in its wild and natural form ,does any kind of preparation to its food. This is natural and logical, we would not expect to see other animals behave in any other way. How then can any form of food preparation , that humans carry out, improve upon the fine way of living that the other beautiful animals follow? Fruit is also designed to be eaten. The tree so wants its seeds to be spread, so the tree will put her energies into making her fruit so luscious and appealing. Therefore it will be her fruit that the frugivores all want to eat and so her seed will be spread. 

 What other food stuff really wants to be eaten? Eat the ear of a wheat plant and the stalk is dead with no spreading of the seed. Eat all the leaves off a lettuce and the lettuce will die. The fruit wants to be eaten how else will the seeds be spread. I can find no logical reason why fruit is not the natural food of humans , I can think of no other food we are better suited and equipped to eat. I love the sweet mysteries of life, the slightly puzzling synchronicitie in it, the happy coincidences. 
However I also believe that the Universe has a fine and logical order, which if followed leads to health and happiness and a paradise here upon this Earth. There is order and sense in Nature, there is the same sense and order in a fruit diet. It is not some 'Airy Fairy' or New Age diet. It is the diet of all ages. The Universe has great beauty in her order and it is when this order is transgressed that we may have problems with our health and happiness. 

 There is a sweet and beautiful science involved in Natural Living. Of course fruit also tastes absolutely fantastic, which is why it is such a joy to eat. So fruit tastes good, it is good for our health and well-being and fruit is also beneficial for our environment. Plus, on top of this, a Fruit Diet makes sweet and true sense in a sometimes senseless World. 

                                                                                        How can we not eat fruit! 

                                                                                  Love ..Peace...Fruitfulness...XXX. 


                                                                                                                                                    Fruit Child Cappi Enjoys Chocolate Sapote!
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