Of Butterflies and Bats...


I believe that the Universe desires a state of balance. On a microscopic level each atom strives to be stable creating the infinite chemical reactions that shape our world. Eastern traditions refer to the opposing energies in the Universe, that together create harmony, as Yin and Yang. Butterflies are creatures of the light, they can only really thrive in the glorious sunlight; on a sunny day they take to the skies to search for delicious nectar. The sun is Yang, their food is nectar, full of natural sugar and therefore Yin. The balance is beautiful. 
 Similarly I have noticed with myself that when I became a fruit-eater I craved the sunshine in a way I had never done before. I could truly appreciate its wonderful healing rays. I feel that when on a fruit diet the sun becomes more appreciated and valued. There is almost a need for it that perfectly balances the beautiful fruit that is eaten. On a cooked diet the sun was never so appealing to me.

 Also I have found that when on a fruit diet the skin never burns but tans quickly. The good nutrients in the fruit help nourish the skin and give a better natural protection than any sunscreen. I have also found that my eyes are stronger in the sunlight. We need sunlight on the retina to make the Pineal gland function and help to create optimum Serotonin levels , Serotonin is the 'feel good' hormone. If we never expose our eyes to sunlight we may find that we do not produce enough Serotonin for our needs. There is no need to stare at the sun, indirect light is sufficient to promote happiness. If sunglasses are always worn we may miss out on some vital healing rays. 

 Now let us look at the vampires of the world; the blood-sucking vampire bats and the mosquitoes, they are often nocturnal, the mosquito disappears when the sun comes out as does Count Dracula. The dark is yin and blood is extremely yang so again the two forces are balancing each other out. Maybe if Dracula swapped his blood sucking for mango sucking he would feel a need to sunbathe and loose his ghostly pallor. 
 One exception is the good old flying fox or the fruitbat. She loves her fruit but she is nocturnal., coming out at dusk to search for delicious fruit. Maybe she is more successful foraging for fruit when all the other fruit eaters are sound asleep and nature gives her this advantage to help survival of her species. There are also other nocturnal fruit eaters among the mammals , however I believe that humans need both the sun and the fruit and in combination the two give us great and abundant health. I definitely feel I have a greater relationship with the sun since I started to eat fruit. So enjoy your beautiful fruit lovingly grown, ripened and warmed in the wonderful sunlight.

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