Dr. Sunshine

Dear Fruit Lovers of the World. I would like to share some of my experiences with a great healer that I know and love - Dr. Sunshine. 
 Dr. Sunshine radiates his warmth and healing rays on to our little planet Earth every single day without fail. 
 Recently I feel he has been getting a bit of a bad press. "Stay Out of The Sun at All Costs" seems to be the message we are getting from many sources. 

 We may lead an indoor life, illuminated in our work and homes by fluorescent lighting and we may also eat a diet high in refined foods. Then we holiday for two weeks and expose this 'indoor skin' to strong sunlight. This may then, I believe , lead to the development of skin problems. The sun , I believe, is only acting as a trigger for the problems caused by an unnatural diet and lifestyle. If we eat a diet of raw great quality fruit, our skin is naturally protected by all the life force and antioxidants in the fruit, from sun damage. 'There are no flies around a clean dustbin'. This, I find, is a great quote. So there will be no skin cancer or sun damage if there are no toxins stored in the body. 
If there are stored toxins, then these may be 'brought out' by the sun's rays. Also if we gradually build up our time in the sun, then our bodies will get gradually accustomed to the healing rays. There will be no huge shock to our bodies, that may be the case, if we suddenly go from indoor fluorescence to natural outdoor sunshine. 

 Sun lotions, I believe can be damaging , as they contain many chemicals. Also they give one a false sense of how long one's body is comfortable being in the sun. If we listen to our bodies we can develop a sense of the appropriate amount of sunshine that we are needing, at that time. 
 Time of day is also a factor, in enjoying the sun's rays. For many, including the doctors who practiced Heliotherapy in their clinics during the last century, the time of day was important. TB healing and wound healing from injuries obtained in War, were among the most popular uses for Heliotherapy. The results obtained in many European clinics were fantastic. Many sun therapists, such as Dr Auguste Rollier, Dr. Oskar Bernhard and Sir Henry Gauvain believed that the time of day made a difference to healing with sunshine and that the most healing rays were in the early morning. I personally love to bathe in the early morning rays. 

There does seem to be something special about this time of day. It is also a good time, I find, for sungazing, as the sun's rays are weaker at this time. In addition, for anyone who has not been used to sunshine this time of day, with the weaker rays is a good time to bathe. 

 I find that I do not need to wash with water after I have sunbathed, it seems to me to be the best cleansing I have ever had on my skin. To lie in the sun, is to me one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I would rather lie in the sun than go shopping or clubbing. I also love to exercise in the sun too. I really feel that the fruit diet goes hand in hand with a greater appreciation of the sun. When I was on a conventional diet , I enjoyed the sun but it was not a vital part of my life, as the sun is today. 
 I think with the fruit diet comes a real need for the sun's rays. The sun and fruit seem, to me , to be natural companions. 
Other fruit eaters, I have known, also really enjoy and feel a need for the sun. Also our skin does not seem to burn in the sun because of our cleaner diet. I know that I tan very easily on a fruit diet and do not burn. 

There does however, need to be caution in the Sun, I feel, for those on a conventional diet. I believe that toxins in the diet will cause burning and sun sensitivity. Both my children never burnt on a fruit diet but I had to be careful with their friends, on a conventional diet. These children would burn when in the sun playing with my children. When my own children would not. 
 So I love the sun, a simple, free, yet very special pleasure . A pleasure that if we listen to our bodies and feed our bodies with fruit will not harm us but only bring us joy and untold health benefits.
Enjoy Dr. Sunshine and all the glories he can bring.
Reference - Hobday, Richard. The Healing Sun. Findhorn Press. Scotland 1999.

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